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Hydrocodoene is the medicine taken for relieving pain and suppressing cough. It is derived from one of the natural opiates, codeine and thebain. Though it is structurally similar to and as effective as morphine, it is less potent than morphine. As its continuous and chronic use may cause addiction, you should consult your physician before you buy hydrocodone. You should know everything about the drug before you

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Every medicine reacts to some extent, with the other medicine or substances, taken in the body, which is called drug interactions. When you buy hydrocodone, you must know its drug interactions, so that you can use the drug safely and effectively; even when you, you can take the help of different websites to gather information about the drug. Also it should be noted that there is nothing to worry about. You can use the drug safely, if you take the help of your doctor. But you should know everything about it.

The drug when taken with alcohol, amphetamines, cocaine, methylphenidate, barbiturates, benzodiazepines, and plenty of other medicines can show severe drug interactions such as heart failure, heart attack, pulmonary failure, respiratory distress, liver failure, kidney failure, amnesia, jaundice, seizures, coma and blackout. Also this drug can give false interpretations of the presence of morphine, codeine, hydropmorphone and cocaine in analytical tests of blood and urine. This depends on use and dosage. This effect is prevalent only when the drug is taken for long term use and disappears after the stoppage of use.

Hydrocodone combinations are widely prescribed and this increases the risk of health hazards associated with the consumption of even a little amount of alcohol along with these combinations. Most commonly the combinations are made by mixing the drug with acetaminophen (paracetamol). They are metabolized exclusively by liver. And so the risk of lethal overdose because of liver toxicity can occur with even very low levels of these combinations when they are mixed with ethanol. So also the blend can potentially bring about severe damage to the liver, stomach wall and kidneys. Moreover, acetaminophen may increase the likeliness for coma, and respiratory problems and can damage the central nervous system.

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Again it should be remembered that these side effects may occur only when you take the medicine without doctor’s advice. Therefore, it is very necessary to consult your doctor when you buy Hydrocodone in local shop, and even if you buy hydrocodone online.